A Comprehensive Guide to the Startup Studio Model

Startup Studio Insider is a creative and collaborative space to discuss the nuances and potential of the Startup Studio model.

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Startup Studio Insider was created by a group of startup enthusiasts and partners, to become the #1 leading community for sharing thoughts on how startup studios can help to build innovative companies and provide expert insights on scaling for growth.

The growth of startups has exploded. However, startups still face struggles in developing effective innovation and appropriately executing the strategy to substantiate ideas. - Craig Kronenberger, Editor of Startup Studio Insider.

Given the recent landscape, building companies and encouraging others to build their ideas is critical. This is where startup studios enter as the latest investment platform to emerge in recent years. In the past five years, startup studios have become particularly appealing to entrepreneurs — and for good reason. With this business model, entrepreneurs never have to worry about making a bad hire as they are always surrounded by industry-proven professionals.

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