Beeso Startup Studio: A Journey Of Long-Term Success

Beeso Startup Studio: A Journey Of Long-Term Success

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Welcome, Beeso Startup Studio’s! Beeso has partnered with early-stage tech startups since 2019, focused on bringing tech to Omaha, Nebraska, and the Midwest. From the beginning until the end, Beeso aims to create long-term success for its ventures, through software development, operations, marketing, sales, and fundraising.   

Meet The Leadership Team

With a global team and a 24/7 operation, Beeso uses a hybrid model to launch big ideas across three countries. These success-driven individuals bring years of real-life experience and expertise to the studio. 

  • Founder and CEO - John Bunting, with 17 years of experience in project management. After co-founding a studio in Las Vegas, Evus Technologies, he moved his experience in tech to Omaha, Nebraska. 
  • VP of Development - Airik Sutanto, with 14+ years of experience in software development. He brings versatility and knowledge of AI, NLP, and machine learning.
  • VP of Marketing - Craig Inzana, with 12 years of experience in marketing and content creation. He has helped hundreds of businesses reach their desired customers. 
  • VP of Partnerships - Jake Burklund, with 11 years of experience across several industries. He has implemented technology to improve sales and service efficiency. 

Besso Studio In Action

Beeso supports a variety of tech industries including software development, marketing and sales, and job recruitment. 

“We actually expanded from the midwest to have 15 startups inner portfolio spread across the United States, Canada and the UK”

  • Zeal - a modern concierge marketplace for busy professionals 
  • Abstrakt - a conversational AI platform
  • Miles Ahead - a driver training software
  • Buslane - a booking platform 
  • Loophire - a recruiting platform
  • Nidum - a training and onboarding platform
  • MusiQcast - a music video sharing and publishing platform
  • Kaya IQ - a software suite for the cannabis industry
  • Pluck - a video talent pool for restaurants and hospitality 
  • ebbPass - a biometric security software
  • Atlas Lab safety - a safety and compliance software 
  • So-B - a lip health and consumer goods company 
  • BlueWrox - a costing and forecasting tool for restaurants 

The team at Startup Studio Insider got the chance to talk with John Bunting, founder, and CEO of Beeso! In the following interview, John shares with us his journey to creating not just one, but two startup studios, in addition to making tech startups more attainable in the area.  Learn more about his passion for bringing tech to the Midwestern United States in our video here! 

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