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Company logos of top startup studios featuring eFounders, Expa, PSL, Wilbur Labs, among others

The magic of the startup studio model is that while founders focus on building a product, the studio supports them in every other way that matters. Day-to-day operations are facilitated by the studios’ experienced team of marketers, designers, financial professionals, recruiters, and other subject-matter experts.

Over the past few months, we’ve been digging into current top startup studios and what these studios are doing to achieve impressive success. We’ve ensured to connect with different studios from all over the world and create a space for the studio model to grow and get more recognition.

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Founded by Jack Abraham, 2012

Location: San Francisco

According to their website, “Atomic is a company that builds companies.” Through their disruptive ideology, the studio is able to pair innovative ideas with industry discipline to create fresh and inventive businesses.


Founded by John Borthwick, 2008

Location: New York

Betaworks invests in new consumer behaviors and trends powered by frontier technologies, leading the product-focused venture studio to build the next-generation internet companies.


★ Startup Studio Insider Contributor

Founded by Michael van Lier, 2015

Location: Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Builders is a Rotterdam-based startup studio designed to build and grow technology companies from scratch, by bringing together bold ideas, seasoned co-founders, operational support, and investment capital.


Founded by Jon Bradford, 2013

Location: Los Angeles

Colab is an innovative studio that partners with a select portfolio of strategic companies to design, launch, and grow early-stage businesses from an idea on a napkin.


★ Startup Studio Insider Contributor

Founded by Anthony Johnson, Ilya Pozin, Nikola Mickic, and Zach Ferres, 2018

Location: Phoenix and Los Angeles

Coplex partners with corporations to create new startups, repeatedly, by providing entrepreneurial talent that validates, builds, and rapidly scales new business models.  


★ Startup Studio Insider Contributor

Founded by Miles Dotson and Devon Fanfair, 2016

Location: San Francisco

Devland is a startup studio that focuses on building new innovative ventures with brilliant technologists and wildly underestimated entrepreneurs.


★ Startup Studio Insider Contributor

Founded by Ash Fogelberg and Nick Frandsen, 2014

Location: Darlinghurst, New South Wales, Australia

Dovetail studios is a lead product development company that provides design, development, digital and growth strategies for companies.


★ Startup Studio Insider Contributor

Founded by Quentin Nickmans and Thibaud Elziere, 2011

Location: Paris, San Francisco, New York, Berlin

eFounders is a startup studio that builds enterprise software ventures and inspires new ways of working through the help of its 1,000+ team of experts in product development, finance, marketing, HR, and more.


★ Startup Studio Insider Contributor

Founded by Sven Bookhuis, 2018

Location: Almelo, The Netherlands

Entweder is among top venture builders that makes a lasting positive contribution to the evolution of the workspace with successive ventures.


Founded by Garret Camp, 2013

Location: San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, London

Expa focuses on building companies around mobile applications, platforms, and marketplaces with access to top U.S. and European investors and physical office spaces for entrepreneurs to collaborate and share knowledge.

High Alpha

Founded by Mike Fitzgerald, Scott Dorsey, Eric Tobias and Kristian Andersen, 2015

Location: Indianapolis

High Alpha is comprised of High Alpha Studios, High Alpha Capital, and High Alpha Innovation, which together design, build, and invest in B2B SaaS companies with world-class founders.

Human Ventures

Founded by Heather Hartnett, Joe Marchese and Megan O’Connor, 2015

Location: New York

Human Ventures goes beyond the business model to build and invest in model businesses with ambitious founders who are innovating around human heeds.


★ Startup Studio Insider Contributor

Founded by Farhad Alessandro Mohammadi, 2017

Location: Umbria, Italy

Mamazen is a studio underpinned by experience, expertise, passion, and a relentless devotion to changing the world.

Nobody Studios

★ Startup Studio Insider Contributor

Founded by Mark S. McNally, 2020

Location: Laguna Beach, CA

Nobody Studios, a globally distributed high-velocity venture studio at the forefront of innovation and impact, brings together investors, founders, and creatives to forge companies with purpose, real-world value, and a human connection.

Pioneer Square Labs

Founded by Ben Gilbert, Mike Galgon, Greg Gottesman and Geoff Entress, 2015

Location: Seattle

Pioneer Square Labs builds the next generation of world-changing companies, bringing together exceptional founders, big ideas, and investment capital.

Rocket Internet

Founded by Marc Samwer, Oliver Samwer, Alexander Samwer, and Fabio Tran, 2007

Location: Berlin

Rocket Internet builds and invests in internet companies that take proven online business models to new, fast-growing markets.


Founded by Greg Gilman, Michael Jones, Mike Macadaan, Peter Pham, and Tom Dare, 2011

Location: Santa Monica

Science brings together the best ideas, talent, and financing through a centralized platform that helps uncover trends to be shared and tested across their entire portfolio.


★ Startup Studio Insider Contributor

CEO, Manush Meykulman

Location: Worldwide

Studiohub is a community that brings together startup studios and venture builders, identify opportunities for studios to expand, and raise awareness of the successful startup studio model.

Wilbur Labs

★ Startup Studio Insider Contributor

Founded by Phil Santoro and David Kolodny, 2016

Location: San Francisco

Wilbur Labs identifies large pain points and builds businesses to solve these problems, through shared resources, funding, and operational support.

Zuma Ventures

Founded by Allen Hurf and David Carter, 2014

Location: Santa Monica

Zuma Ventures functions as a dynamic technology studio working on several projects simultaneously with the ultimate goal of creating successful stand-alone companies.