Best Jobs for Entrepreneurs in 2024: Finding a Career in Venture Building

Best Jobs for Entrepreneurs in 2024: Finding a Career in Venture Building

The job market is a stimulating conversation among people of all ages. With sectors within AI and technology booming, others like retail and manufacturing have seen brighter days. In full transparency, a lot is unknown in the ever-changing landscape of the economy. Understanding the variety of jobs in the startup studio industry can help propel you toward success in landing your dream job. 

Startup studios are rooted in entrepreneurship, bringing together things, creators, and innovators alike. Today we are going to dive into entrepreneur job outlook and the skills recruiters are looking for when filling the position. 

Best Jobs for Entrepreneurs in Startup Studios

Software Developer
  • Software developers build, maintain, and innovate software products, collaborating across teams, adapting to evolving needs, and solving technical challenges to drive success. Key skills for this role include being adaptable, innovative, and organized.
    • Job Posting: High Alpha Innovation is seeking a Full Stack Developer who will lead all technical aspects of software development. If you have experience with Node.js, JavaScript, Typescript, HTML5, and React, check out the position here
Business Development Manager
  • Business development managers are responsible for identifying strategic partnerships, negotiating deals, and expanding the studio's network of collaborators and investors. They play a key role in driving growth and revenue for both the studio and its portfolio companies. Top skills for this role include written and verbal communication, relationship building, and strategic thinking.
    • Job Posting: Amazon Web Services (AWS) is looking to fill its business development role specifically targeting candidates with experience as startup investors or founders This position will involve close collaboration with leading startup studios globally, leveraging AWS resources to facilitate incubation and growth. Learn about the position or apply here
Founder in Residence
  • FIRs are experienced entrepreneurs who work within the startup studio to ideate, validate, and launch new startup concepts. They typically bring their expertise in a specific industry or domain and collaborate with the studio team to turn ideas into viable businesses. Skills to have for this role include financial literacy, networking, business management, and time management. 
    • Job Posting: AI Fund is looking to expand their team with a passionate founder who has experience solving business problems and can anticipate business risks. Learn more about the position here
Entrepreneur in Residence
  • Similar to FIRs, EIRs are entrepreneurs who work within the startup studio to explore new business opportunities. They may have access to resources, mentorship, and funding provided by the studio to develop their startup ideas. EIR should have skills such as creativity, leadership, and strategic thinking. 
    • Job Posting: FutureSight is currently looking for an experienced entrepreneur to co-found their next B2B SaaS startup. If you are familiar with owning a business, co-founding a company, and understanding the role of key stakeholders, consider applying for the position here
Product Manager
  • Product managers play a crucial role in startup studios by overseeing the development and launch of new products or services. They work closely with cross-functional teams to define product requirements, prioritize features, and ensure successful execution. Product managers should be organized, have an understanding of product design, and have the ability to interpret data. 
    • Job Posting: RoadRunner Venture Studios is looking for a product manager for commercialization. If you can bring a customer-centric approach, develop a GTM strategy, and build out a product's vision, consider applying for the position here

Joining a startup studio is an excellent start for entrepreneurs looking to expand their skill set, or seasoned entrepreneurs to offer their expertise to up-and-coming founders. 

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