Stamford Startup Studio Interview

Stamford Startup Studio Interview

As the ecosystem of startup studios continues to expand, we see more opportunities emerging for the younger generation. Universities around the world are incorporating entrepreneurship programs through a startup studio model, providing their students with a unique hands-on experience. Momentum is building in the industry, and it is thrilling to see the level of education step up to the plate for eager students. 

We had the chance to meet with the students and leads at Stamford Startup Studio, and talk about the program the University of Connecticut has built. Read more about the program and watch the exclusive interview below!

Stamford Startup Studio

Located in Storrs, CT, the Stamford Startup Studio (S3) is an integral part of the Werth Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the University of Connecticut. This year-long program employs UConn students full-time to create technology products for local industries. S3 provides a cooperative educational experience where students spend a year outside of the classroom gaining hands-on experience networking and collaborating with consultants, corporate partners, venture capitalists, and senior business leaders to ensure they’re bringing relevant and innovative solutions to market. Special attention is paid to skill development around emerging technologies, such as machine learning, 5G-ready applications, and virtual and augmented reality. S3 marries skill development, career preparation, and the entrepreneurial mindset that will place UConn students in the most competitive roles today and increase the trajectories of the students for a lifetime.​ 

Company logo of Stamford Startup Studio

The Project

InnerView Education, is a startup that was founded by Elie Goldman in 2021. InnerView supports those navigating college and career with self-empowering learning experiences. InnerView’s online program, Not Just a College Essay Course, unites 9th-11th graders across the country behind the common cause of pursuing their passions and finding their voice in preparation for college apps. During this 10-week, online program students write drafts of the Common Application's personal essay, and provide and receive feedback in a supportive community. Each team member in S3 plays a valuable role in building out and enhancing this online program in areas of web design, marketing and research. 

A zoom class session of Darryl “DMC” McDaniels with InnerView’s online program students
Fall cohort of Not Just a College Essay Course with Darryl “DMC” McDaniels in Week 3 of the course. Read more about that class session here.

Meet the Team

Tara Watrous:

  • Serves as the Head of Entrepreneurial Transformation in the Werth Institute at the University of Connecticut and continues to offer leadership to the Stamford Startup Studio team.

Nicole Muthoni: 

  • Team Lead at S3 who is working to establish networks for InnerView’s International Cohort. She is the Founder of PazaTech, an aspiring Ed-Tech consultant and social entrepreneur.

Anna Zerbinati:

  • Team member who is working on a business plan that improves the relationship between our planet and economy. Additionally, Anna is improving her analytical skills for the Finance industry, in addition to working as a user research lead for the website content curation for InnerView. 

Dylan Young:

  • Team member who is an enthusiastic programmer with interests in investing and building the future with blockchain technology. In the program Dylan is building InnerView's website and mobile apps’ back-end programming.

Yuri Jimenez:

  • Team member who is an aspiring UI/UX Designer aiming to create frictionless experiences on the web. In the program, Yuri is working on InnerView's website redesign.
Team members of Stamford Startup Studio standing next to each other
Left to Right: Yuri Jimenez, Nicole Muthoni, Elie Goldman, Dylan Young, Anna Zerbinati

Video Interview

The Next Generation Of Startup Studio Entrepreneurs

The next generation of entrepreneurs is moving in and beginning to shape the future of startups. It is always inspiring to see entrepreneurship mindsets expressed in education. By allowing hands-on experience, students can grasp concepts through problem-solving and break down barriers that often hinder early entrepreneurship. We look forward to seeing how programs like this not only encourage careers in startup studios, but also begin to impact the industry with fresh and innovative ideas. 

Looking for opportunities in early entrepreneurship? Checkout university programs and begin your journey today!