Startup Studio Funding in 2024: Two Approaches from Hexa and Superset

Startup Studio Funding in 2024: Two Approaches from Hexa and Superset

The number one topic circulating among new entrepreneurs revolves around funding. How do startups get funding and how much will you need? While many studios form their own unique approaches to funding new ideas, it's important to learn from some of the biggest names in startup studios, which is where we dive in today discussing startup studio funding in 2024. 

Funding Landscape

In the dynamic world of startup studios, two powerhouses stand out: Hexa and Super{set}. Each exemplifies a distinct approach to funding and nurturing early-stage ventures, reflecting the evolving landscape of entrepreneurship in 2024.

Hexa, formerly known as eFounders, has carved a niche in the European startup ecosystem with its community-centric funding model. Recently securing a substantial $22 million in fresh capital, Hexa's reliance on local entrepreneurs and family offices underscores its commitment to fostering a tightly-knit network of supporters. This approach not only injects capital but also cultivates a sense of collaboration and shared purpose within the community.

In contrast, Super{set} operates at the intersection of data and AI, leveraging the expertise of its founders to build enterprise startups. With a fresh $90 million infusion, the studio doubles down on its strategy of developing AI-driven solutions for the enterprise space. Unlike Hexa's community-focused model, Super{set} draws on the entrepreneurial acumen of its founders, who have a proven track record of successful exits totaling $1.2 billion.

Funding Source

One key distinction lies in the funding sources of these studios. While Hexa taps into its community of founders and friends for support, Super{set} benefits with backing from external investors, including family offices and tech investors. This divergence reflects the varying approaches to capital acquisition and highlights the importance of alignment between founders and investors.

Funding Approach

Both studios share a common focus on fostering innovation and nurturing early-stage ventures. However, their methods diverge in terms of portfolio management and support mechanisms. Hexa's streamlined process, exemplified by the creation of special purpose vehicles (SPVs) and the eClub platform, emphasizes hands-on support and mentorship for each startup. In contrast, Super{set} adopts a more selective approach, focusing on fewer ventures and providing lighter-touch mentoring as ventures mature.

These differing approaches highlight the nuanced strategies employed by startup studios to navigate the challenges of the entrepreneurial ecosystem. While Hexa prioritizes community engagement and hands-on support, Super{set} focuses on leveraging founder expertise and external investments to drive innovation and growth.


In conclusion, the contrasting approaches of Hexa and Super{set} underscore the adaptability in the startup studio landscape, offering valuable insights into the evolving nature of venture creation in 2024 and beyond. When deciding what will work for you and your studio, look at other success stories, define your goals, and take action. 

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