Top Universities Incorporating Startup Studio Programs Into Their Curriculums

Top Universities Incorporating Startup Studio Programs Into Their Curriculums

If you are starting a business or hope to start one in the future, you may be considering pursuing a college degree to help you with your goals. Successful entrepreneurs often have business acumen and specialized knowledge that they earned through a combination of experience and education. Even though you do not need a degree to become an entrepreneur, earning one can prove very beneficial. In this article, we discuss the benefits of earning a degree as an entrepreneur along with eight degree options to consider.

According to Forbes, business degrees have increased in popularity amongst the new generation of academics, positioning it as one of the top majors of choice for 2022. This has led many schools to elevate and differentiate themselves with their offerings. As entrepreneurship dominates in the contemporary world, it only makes sense to see models like the startup studio model, seep into the higher education systems, making it one of the fastest-growing majors. Since entrepreneurship relies on practical learning, startup studios within the college create a real-life simulation for a practical learning environment. Universities also have many accompanying majors that can enhance the learning experiences such as psychology, communications, and economics, that offer additional resources needed to be successful. 

Every year,  more and more young entrepreneurs are coming in with bigger and better ideas for venture building, yet lack the funding and additional resources to grow. Studios offer the perfect solution to these eager entrepreneurs. Students are given the opportunity to operate as a studio and help build ideas with access to resources all while gaining experience and in some cases, school credit to be applied toward their degree. Starting your career in startup studios can begin with your college education. As this model continues to grow and expand, so do the opportunities.

Are You A Recent Graduate Looking to Break Into The Startup Studio Scene? 

Here are a few companies hiring that can help you emerge into a startup studio career. 

  1. Atlanta Ventures Job Board 
  2. Builders Studio Open Positions
  3. Annevo Startup Studio Open Positions

Have you been curious about entrepreneurship as a career path? We have located four universities with startup studio programs. Today, we are sharing their custom courses and programs to help you find the right fit. 

Cornell Tech

Logo of Cornell Tech Studio
  • About the program: Located in New York, NY, students get hands-on experience bringing their ideas and products to life through the startup studio. Alumni have helped to fund over 80 startups with over $150 million raised since 2014. Built to help students learn lifelong skills, this empowering program helps make entrepreneurship possible for many students.
  • How it works: Students will work alongside their classmates to create and develop startup ideas. During this course, students will understand and master developing, prototyping, testing, and pitching their final idea to investors. Students are grouped by shared passions and interests, so their team is consistently working towards the same goals. Students will also attend weekly product management sessions in addition to participating in scrum, criticism, and studio sprints to comprehend the full scoop of this model. 
  • Learn more about their curriculum here

University of Connecticut 

Logo of University of Connecticut
  • About the program: Located in Storrs, CN, UCONN’s Stamford Startup Studio also known as S3 employs its students full-time where they work to create technology products. This year-long program aims to help with career preparation and entrepreneurial skills. 
  • How it works: This is a real hands-on education experience where students spend a year outside the traditional classroom setting. Students will choose from seven positions: Data Scientist, UX Researcher, Content Producer, Front-End Developer, Back-End Developer, Graphic Designer, and UX/UI Designer. They will work together to create and develop technology in need for the local area. They specifically cater to new tech including virtual and augmented reality. 
  • Learn more about their curriculum here

Illinois Tech

Logo of Illinois Tech
  • About the program: This program is a hands-on mentorship that can help students bring their big ideas to life. Students have the opportunity to attend events, get one-on-one coaching, and take courses catered to their learning experience. Their fall semester is now open for enrollment offering students a focus on venture design. 
  • How it works: In the startup studio there are three areas including a startup accelerator, working with a startup coach, and a startup launch. In the startup launch: venture design course, students work in teams to create and design a venture and then share it with potential customers all while receiving three credit hours. For one-on-one coaching, students get weekly meetings with a mentor to help guide them through all stages of venture design and execution. They diligently prepare students for the startup accelerator. In the startup accelerator, students connect with people both within the university and outside to gain skills and help launch their ideas out into the market. 
  • Learn more about their curriculum here.

Columbia University

Logo of Columbia University
  • About the program: This program was created in 2014 and has since grown to have 329 startups launched throughout its lifetime. Students have access to 16 mentors that offer professional advice throughout their time. Their courses and programs are designed, so students can get specific in their learning and cater their education to fit their future. 
  • How it works: Students can choose from different paths such as venture design and how to be a founder. Courses include entrepreneurship in specific fields like biotech, launching a startup, and collaboration. Most courses are available for credit in the fall semester. Additionally, alumni also have the opportunity to use the CSL which offers office space and vital resources to a startup team for a year. They hold a venture competition each year when ventures are judged based on the impact and size of the opportunity. 
  • Learn more about their curriculum here

To Wrap It Up

Startup studios within university systems allow students to grasp real-life concepts and experience real-life risks while also maintaining a secure environment. Similar to studios around the world, they have an abundance of resources such as funding and mentors. Young entrepreneurs looking to create a studio of their own or are curious about taking their idea to the next level should consider the university route. 

There are endless opportunities to get started with a startup studio today. As the model grows, so should you. To help you stay up to date on all things startup studio, be sure you follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram.

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