Startup Studio Spotlight: Venturenox

Startup Studio Spotlight: Venturenox

In the past decade, startup studios have made quite a name for themselves by breaking through the traditional model of entrepreneurship. Otherwise known as startup factories, company developers/ builders, or foundries, startup studios differentiate themselves from traditional accelerators in one significant way: identification of the opportunity. In a swiftly moving digitally-driven economy, hundreds startup studios have been founded across the globe, startup studios are better positioned to anticipate and capitalize on market opportunities and challenges. 

A new community of entrepreneurial revolution catalysts has created a unique opportunity for our team at Startup Studio Insider to connect and offer a voice to share their unique stories. From South Africa, Israel, Mexico, The Netherlands, France U.S.A., and more, we have had the chance to meet founders from around the world and get an inside look into their studio operations. Today we virtually connected with Jaffar Hussain, Founder, and CEO of Venturenox all the way in Pakistan. 

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Get To Know Venturenox


Employees of Venturenox

Created in December 2018, Venturenox was birthed from the idea of building consecutive brands in-house. The studio partners with early-stage startup founders and enables them to quickly validate and build their digital products.

The founder, Jaffar Hussain was inspired by the ability to build multiple brands in parallel having already worked in different tech domains and secured various companies under his belt. Hussain emphasized his passion for creating well-positioned ecosystems which utilized technology and design to achieve great things. Thus, Venturebox was designed to be able to do exactly that.  

Venturenox is a global company with locations in Sheridan, Wyoming US, and Pakistan. They specialize in SaaS and digital products ranging from dating platforms to hiring management software. They begin working with founders at conception, guide them through different milestones to success, and build a repeatable best practice that can work for future products as well. 

Meet Venturenox Founder: Jaffar Hussain 

Hussain spent nearly two decades working in various tech fields and founding several businesses and is extremely enthusiastic about technology and the opportunities it provides. Alongside building well-positioned ecosystems that leverage technology and design to achieve great things, he's always wanted to build an umbrella company with all of the necessary expertise and tools to build and scale multiple technology products. This is the reason he created Venturenox. 

 Hussain, the Founder, and CEO of Venturenox built his first company when he was in high school in the year 2000. Since then, he has worked in different tech domains and started multiple companies. Prior to Venturenox, he worked as an independent contractor in the domains of big data, cloud infrastructure, and DevOps. He has held engineering and management roles at large telcos and ran a branding and creative agency. He earned an engineering degree from the GIK Institute and a business degree from the Lahore School of Economics. 

Hussain has built and led teams of product managers, designers, full-stack developers, data scientists, and cloud engineers; for different startups. His strength is creating unique product propositions by combining business and market insights with technology and design possibilities.

Projects Delivered

Building products is a team sport. You cannot build effective products if you don't talk frequently to users, clients, and other team members. Venturenox takes the initiative in bringing up topics that need discussion and providing feedback. Through this collaborative environment, they’ve been able to deliver and launch the following startups:

  1. Crewnetics: an employee data platform to measure productivity. 
  2. Testfuse: a candidate testing tool used for hiring. 
  3. Levy: a financial service software for workstreams and client management. 
  4. Altrunic: a philanthropic platform for charitable campaigns. 
  5. Presta: a loan and customer management platform. 
  6. Dating Sphere: a dating app with a personality-matching algorithm. 
  7. Simpli Taught: a platform helping teachers discover resources. 
  8. Float That: an e-commerce platform that builds on winning products. 
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Startup Landscape in Pakistan

Venturenox, a global studio has a location in the ever-growing Pakistan startup ecosystem. Focusing on growth and products, Pakistan is making noising in the venture-building ecosystem. The most interesting thing to consider is both the size and age of Pakistan's population, which is carving out a path for entrepreneurs to emerge. Being relatively Gen Z-focused with a median age of 22, and an abundance of tech professionals, it only made sense to see such an impressive increase in startups in the country. 

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Key Milestones in Building 

How does Venturenox build startups from the ground up to achieve a maximum level of success? Through their milestones approach, they practice taking risks, researching, and rewarding new ideas. They consist of product managers assisting in the discovery and validation of ideas before designing a user experience that will keep customers interested. We then engineer the product with a modern, cloud-native technology stack and assist you in launching and scaling it. After undertaking extensive discovery and validation they work on projects through these milestones:

  • Ideation - Validating the idea that there is a real need and gap in the market where it can thrive. They use a “CDEF rule” where we see if founders are committed to their idea, they have domain expertise, and they have some Entrepreneurial experience. 
  • Development - Building a team, designing and developing prototypes, and developing the MVP help to solidify the idea into a real product. 
  • Launch - Once user satisfaction is ensured, marketing should take over to reach the target audience. 
  • Scale - here they work on funding, finding their talent, connecting with investors, and expanding into different areas to decrease risk and maximize opportunity. 
  • Exit - The final phase of the process intended to sell or take your business to market.
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A Human-Centric Company

Their team leads with creativity and transparency. Not only does Venturenox put its founders first, but they also puts its employees first as well. While working in a remote-first setting, their team understands connectivity and regularly meets offsite to collaborate

They practice empathy, integrity, and ownership to collaborate and make an impact. While they adhere to our values with a lot of conviction. At Venturenox, we have an evaluation-driven hiring process to make sure that all our potential team members have a proclivity toward our values.


As we have moved into a world where hybrid and remote work thrives, we can expect to see even more global studios arise. This will allow for further partnership on projects, additional access to resources worldwide, and continued expansion of entrepreneurship. 

We are constantly impressed with the ability studios have to adapt and the level of collaboration with global studios. 

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